Skills and Training Management System

AGAIN !! This is my second application as part of my internship at Siemens (first app). I develop this application from nothing so we will see more analysis and design in this post. This time I use a combination of BSP, ABAP, Function Module, AJAX, and normal HTML to create this application. This application also have much better design and ready for requirement change !!

ER Diagram


Here is the overview of the system that I copy from user manual.

1. General Information

The Skill and Training Management System (STM) is a tool ?to keep track of your skill and training information. Using this tool, user will be able to maintain their own information as well as search for other user information.

2. First Logon

When user first logon to the system the screen in Figure 2 will appear. The user can follow the first link to read this manual or follow the second link to input their information

3. Main Page

The Figure 3 above shown the main page of this system. The user can view their own information from this page. There also a link at the top menu bar to go to search page.

4. Update Profile

The user can update their information by clicking the link from the main page.

After click at the link the following page will appear.


The user can choose their level of each skills from the drop down list then click at the update button. Note that skills are divide into tabs according to its type. The user can update another skill and training by click at those tabs. After updated the skills the user can go back to the main page by click at ?My Profile? button at the top menu bar.

5. Searching

There is 3 type of search, the user can search other people profile by their name, skill, or module. At the search page, the user can choose to search by name, skill, or module by click at the link at the top of the page.

After click at those link the following search box will appear accordingly.

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