My first (and bad) BSP application

My first (and bad) BSP application

Again I develop this as part of my internship program at Siemens. This application call ?Library System?. It is a BSP application written in ABAP. I was given a database and some of the function module. So I didn?t develop this system from the beginning.

What I learn ?

  • No auto-increment in SAP. We have to use SNRO (SAP Number Range Object) instead. (TCODE : snro)
  • LIKE statement (where something like ?something?) in openSQL is CASE SENSITIVE !
  • Sending external email is damn hard ! and slow
  • Access database as less as posible
  • SAP internal memory management is very good.
  • SAP was written in C/C++
  • ABAP is a programming language for SAP
  • ABAP is object-oriented programming language that violate most of OOP rule !
  • SAP is ERP and is NOT a database
  • MVC is widely use
  • and for sure, user requirement ALWAYS change ( design of application is important )
  • Tiger Woods <?> Accenture, Ernie Els <?> SAP, Siemens <?> ????
  • Management people need to play golf
  • I hate bragger !!!
  • Good speaker get more money (even if he know nothing !)

Here is the overview of the system that I copy from user manual.

1. General Information

Library System is a tool for viewing and reserving books. User can select the book they want, see the status of that book, and reserve the book via web base tool.

2. Viewing Book

This page allow user to see the book and its description. The system will list 10 books per page. The user can navigate to another page by click at the page number at the top of this page. The user can also search the title of the book they want by using the search box. At the right of this page, there is a list of category of the book. The user can click at one of this category to see the book in that particular category.

3. Reserving Book

After the user found the book their want, they can click at the book image to see the detail of that book. After click at the book image the system will show the page similar to the figure below.

4. Status

The book have 2 main status, Available and Unavailable. If the status is Available this mean that the user can reserve and get the book immediately. But if the status is Unavailable, the user can click at the book images to see who is currently borrowing the book.